September 1, 1967: Daily Reports Begin!

As September dawns we begin our daily reports on the 1967-68 hockey season. Activity is beginning to increase as teams attempt to get players under contract before training camps begin. We’ll begin our coverage today with some news from the past couple of days. Here we go!

Charlie Hodge Not Happy

California Seals first choice in the goaltender phase of the Expansion Draft, Charlie Hodge, is not happy with the contract offer he has received from the club. He has turned down a two-year deal and says he will not report to training camp.

Frank Selke, president of the Seals, says Hodge was offered the two-year pact at a salary that would be 20 per cent more than he earned with Montreal last season.

Hodge apparently wants a three-year term at a salary that would “make the move west worthwhile.” The diminutive netminder had been with the Canadiens organization for 13 years and owns insurance and carpet-cleaning businesses in Montreal.

“I don’t like to bicker over money but the Seals knew there were some problems they’d have to help me with. I want to sell the businesses and land I own and move entirely to San Francisco.”

Hodge has told the Seals that he is prepared to retire from hockey unless his demands are satisfied. He is represented by Toronto lawyer Alan Eagleson.

No Stag Rule for Broda


In a break with tradition, the Hockey Hall of Fame will relax its men-only rule for induction ceremonies scheduled for tomorrow at the Canadian National Exhibition Grounds. That means that Turk Broda’s three married daughters will be present to see their father enter the hallowed hall.

Although the directors luncheons (held daily) are usually  stag affairs, the CNE sent special invitations to Turk’s daughters inviting them to the induction part of the program.

A year ago Ted Lindsay refused to attend his induction ceremony because his wife wasn’t allowed to accompany him.

Broda will be inducted tomorrow with three other hockey notables, Neil Colville, Harry Oliver and referee Red Storey.

Blues Will Show 12 Games

The St. Louis Blues announced that they will televise at least 12 of their games this winter on KPLR-TV, channel 11 in St. Louis.

The schedule begins with a home gave against the Pittsburgh Penguins on October 13. Final game will be March 31 when the club travels to Minnesota.

Quick Hits

John Ferguson
  • Montreal Canadiens have signed left winger John Ferguson. The hard-nosed forward is a four-year veteran of Canadiens and scored 20 goals last season.
  • Detroit Red Wings have signed former University of Toronto forward Hank Monteith. Monteith played four years at U of T, making the all-star team each season.
  • Gary Dornhoefer of the Philadelphia Flyers won the second annual National Hockey League golf tournament, held near Buffalo, New York. Dornhoefer is an assistant pro at a Kitchener golf club.
  • Seals signed former Maple Leafs goalie prospect Gary Smith, 23. He was their second pick in the goalkeeper phase of the Expansion Draft.
  • St. Louis Blues open training camp at the St. Louis Arena on September 11, but workouts will be closed to the public until September 20. Forty-eight players are slated to report to camp.
  • Brothers Gerry and Herb Pinder will join the western edition of Canada’s national hockey team.
  • Harry Howell, 35, is the first New York Ranger to sign his 1967-68 contract. It will be Harry’s 16th season with the Rangers.

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