Welcome to 1967!

Welcome to our new page, “50 Years Ago in Hockey.” On this page we’ll provide coverage of events in the hockey world as they happened 50 years ago. We have gleaned information from over 25 historical newspapers and wire services of the day, as well as anecdotal information shared by some of the hockey people who were participants of the events of that time period.

We kick off things  with coverage of the National Hockey League Expansion Draft that took place on June 6, 1967. If you have ever wondered just how the NHL’s first attempt at expansion unfolded, you are in for a treat. We will present a pick-by-pick recap of the day, beginning with  NHL president Clarence Campbell formulating the draft order by drawing the team names from the Stanley Cup. Draft Day had more than a few surprised, its share of controversy and back-room deals, and a few surprises.

Over the next couple weeks we’ll provide a recap of all the hockey news from the summer of 1967. Daily reports on the hockey news of the 1967-68 season will begin on September 1.

We hope you enjoy our daily trips back in time – feel free to comment and share your memories or impressions of that most exciting time period in sports history.

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